Falowniki średniego napięcia do 15kV ( XMV660 )

Falowniki średniego napięcia do 15kV ( XMV660 )

Falownik XMV660

Standard Features

Multi-grade rectification, low harmonic at network side, no need to add harmonic inhibitors.
Higher input power factor, no need to compensate power factor.
Output sinusoidal wave, no need to add wave filter, applicable to ordinary motor, longer cable can be used.
Cell connected in series, low voltage component can realize high voltage output,€ voltage sharing on components in series is not in place.
Cell can be by-passed or reduced. VFD is not shut down in case of partial fault. VFD is still operating with derating.
Direct high voltage output, no need to add output transformer

Advantageous Features

VFD does not shut down when the main power is off within 3 seconds (non-standard configuration).
VFD does not shut down when main power is deeply fluctuating within a short time (-35% within 20 seconds).
VFD does not shut down when control power is off.
Capable of receiving DC control power (non-standard configuration).
Built-in PID regulator, doing a close loop control.
Built-in PLC, seamless communication with working site.
Nonlinear accelerating/decelerating function.p>
When a given signal is cut off, rotating speed can be maintained.
Auto-scheduling function
Remote diagnosis and maintenance can be done through telephone network (non-standard configuration).